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Welcome to our website. This is only one of the websites I am working on because we are going to have our own newspaper! For more information go to the updates section. Here in this website you are going to learn a LOT more about Veneopia. This website is FOR YOU...and nobody else. So please go through everything you need to go through and Enjoy!
Here is where I will post the contests we are going to do. Well this weeks contest is: Tell me what our guild should creative stuff. If I like ur idea I may even put it in our guild! And u r goin to win a prize. So please register! In the bottom where it says: Enter Contest! click there and enter the contest! Its very simple. So just send me a neomail saying: My username is ***** and I want to be in this weeks contests. That's all! So for any further ?'s send me a neomail.
Since I am going to make our own newspaper I really need you to contrivute. I am going to have some Fashion colummnist, sports, gossip, celebrity, and neopia colummnist. So if you want to apply for any of this jobs contact me by neomail: my username is zoogmary.

Very Strict..E-mail!
My e-mail is very personal..and that is why I have not given it out in this website or in my guild. But if for any reason you find out what my e-mail is DO NOT SEND ME AN E-MAIL or I will get very mad. So plz respect my privacy. Anyways...If you want to send your contests entries please click on the link below!
Enter Contest!

Go On!
Dont just stay in my home page. Go on to different parts of this website. I have made it specially for you. So enjoy.

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what does it mean? It means that we are crazy